Just a Few Rules

The foundation of gpsjr.com is the philosophy of Naturalism, which is based on the belief that because human beings are natural animals their lives should be governed by the laws of the natural world. Believers in Naturalism advocate the position that natural law (or, the natural order) takes precedent over any laws or systems devised by man.

So many elements of the current human condition are cloaked in unnecessary complication and diversionary obfuscation that it seems almost impossible that anything other than confusion leading to disaster can result. Much of this condition is due to the fact that people today are bombarded with much more sensory input and “information” than they can reasonably be expected to absorb in any meaningful fashion. We are overwhelmed daily with material that assaults our brains into numbness. It is one of the main goals of gpsjr.com to point out these destructive diversionary aspects of the human condition and to suggest ways to abolish them and to substitute a more nature-based lifestyle which will benefit not only the future of mankind, but also the future of all life on earth.

General Rules of this Blog:

Comments on any and all of the articles and topics that are posted on this blog are very welcomed. All comments are checked before being posted, however, and to assure that this blog maintains a level of intelligence and decorum I ask that:

1. Commentators use a real name and geographical location. (And sure, you could make up any real sounding name — and no doubt many people probably will — but we’d rather have commenting from “Sam Smith from Idaho” than from “Obi Wan Kenobi from the Horse Head Nebula.”) In fact, only in instances where comments submitted by persons using obvious aliases raise serious and legitimate points of view will those comments be considered for publication. So please, either use your real name and location or at least use one that sounds real.

2. No substanceless emotionalism will be allowed. That one of our writers is an ill-informed idiot might well be your honest opinion, but posts expressing such opinions which do not have any intelligent thought accompanying them will not be published. Think “substance.”

3. I would appreciate it if the participants here have a level of respect for their fellow posters, the people who run this blog, and for themselves. We’re all adults here, and we should act like it.

4. If you see something here that you know to be false, please let me know — in a polite, civilized, and intelligent manner, of course. If I am wrong about something (that is, something truly factual, not something that is an opinion), do set me straight.

And, as civilized people do not need a lot of rules, that’s pretty much it.

Thanks for coming!

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