Welcome to gpsjr.com, the weblog of George P. Stimson Jr.  I hope that you enjoy your visit here.

This blog is is my media. It is where I present my observations of (and conclusions about) what I see in the world around me today. I do this as a reaction to that world, which I view (and have viewed for decades) as a territory foreign to me. That foreignness is a result of myself being a natural person and the world around me being, in too many instances, an unnatural place.

The foundations of my philosophy can be found in what I define as Naturalism. Naturalism is the belief that human beings, as they are intended to be, are a natural part of the natural world and are thus foremost bound by the natural laws of that world. They are part of a natural order. There can be no denying of this fundamental reality. All aspects of the human experience are grounded in the fact that human beings are, in actuality, natural animals.

By “natural animals” I am referring to humans in their most pure state. The type of human that exists today, however, is in large part “unnatural,” a circumstance much due to the insipid influences of the news media and entertainment industry. (More detrimental influences on a healthy mankind include morally bankrupt political systems and obsolete religions.) A main purpose of this blog is to examine such negative influences and see how they contribute to the degradation the human condition.

But there is more purpose here than to simply look at what is counterproductive in the sense of healthy and natural evolution. Another purpose is to determine  positive steps that can then be taken to reverse this degeneration and restore mankind to its truly rightful place as a harmonious participant in the life of planet earth.

That is the ultimate purpose of this blog.

Since this is a blog, I encourage any and all comments from any and all persons, whether you agree with me or not. This blog is about dialogue and evolution, not about obstructionistic dogmas. If I’m wrong about something, no one wants to know more about it than I do. So please — participate one way or another! (The posting rules and requests are here.)

Thanks for coming to gpsjr.com.

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