Dumb Toys

In a Marshall’s store in central California today:

Is it just me, or is it really not a good idea to connect “microwave” and “animal” in the minds of young children?

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2 Responses to Dumb Toys

  1. Dianne Young says:

    There’s a fire truck in your bathroom. Talking Elmo in the tub. A talking gorilla, a Barney videocassette, and a Sesame Street cell phone are all peeking out from under the couch. Your living room looks like a multicolored minefield of bears, balls and unidentifiable bits of plastic. There are toys in the backseat of your car, between your bed sheets and occasionally in the clothes dryer.
    That was my house at one time. The nintendo’s the Sega games…
    But there was always books !!!

    Parents often buy toy after toy to appease their own feelings of remorse for not spending time with their children. In my case I was with my child all the time! I even went back to school to teach when he started elementary school thr the 8 th grade.

    Yes I spoiled him, he was my only child.
    He has saved all his toys 🙂 and books.

    Growing up my parents had the den filled with Santa.. I didnt know other kids had hardly anything for Christmas 🙁

    but micro wave and animals ……noooooooooo way… A big no. no!
    Hope you have a peaceful and Blessed Christmas!