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Proud To Be White?

I’m not even proud to be a human when I read something like this.

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The 99% Minority

After the recent clash in Sacramento, someone should turn the “Occupy” movement’s supposed 99% on to the fact that America is still well over 60% white.

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Quick Quiz

Well, I stand corrected that the media wouldn’t cover the protests against the anti-white violence in South Africa. They did — because counter demonstrators attacked the protestors. So now, our quiz. Here’s a definition from The American Heritage Dictionary of … Continue reading

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Eyes On South Africa

With plans gearing up for protests in multiple U. S. state capitals on Monday to protest the ongoing slaughter of whites by blacks in South Africa, the mainstream media says nothing, reporting instead that Nelson Mandela has a tummy ache.

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This Is Disgusting….

…. on more than one level.

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Holocaust In Cameroon

This is the kind of story that causes me to feel great sorrow combined with great anger. It is possible that as much as a third of Camaroon’s elephant population has been slaughtered just in the past month so that … Continue reading

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Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them

The New York Times reviews the new PBS documentary on Bill Clinton called “Clinton” and concludes of the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal, “Monica Lewinsky doesn’t matter anymore,” and “how little resonance that Clinton sex scandal has today,” and “If [Lewsinsky’s] … Continue reading

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The Real People Power

The circumstances which led to my unseemly whining here have been resolved. Now all I have to do is get the scythe and I’ll be in good shape!

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It’s All Just A Big Sho(w)ah….

That’s why the Washington Post put an article regarding the return of items in the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC to Poland in its “Entertainment” section.

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Killer Green

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the so-called “green” solutions to this country’s energy problems are at least as bad as the old alternatives that they are supposed to replace. First, we learn that “clean” solar energy really destroys … Continue reading

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