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Keep Killing Feral Cats

As a supplement to our post “Kill Feral Cats” today we link to this program by the National Geographic Society on The Secret Life of Cats. Face it, folks. “Domesticated” cats, both house and feral, are a plague upon the … Continue reading

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Welcome, OR7, To California!

The Gray Wolf mentioned on this blog on December 18 has finally crossed the border from Oregon into northwestern California in Siskiyou County. This is the first known incident of a wild wolf being in California since the last one … Continue reading

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Avian Accidents

Two recent stories about bird crashes. The first involves the 1961 crashes in California’s Monterey Bay that were the partial inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie The Birds. New research seems to indicate that this fifty-year-old event was caused by … Continue reading

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When Population Growth Is Good

When it involves Gray Whales. (You’ll have to copy and paste this link to read the full story, as the link function on the blog is not working in this instance:¬†,0,3865407.story)

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Let’s Go To Mexico!

While doing some followup research on the cheery south-of-the-border travelogue recounted in the above-pictured story, I came across a Mexico that I might actually want to visit: Mexico, Missouri, USA!

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A Conservative Goose And A Liberal Gander

Conservatives are upset at the new film The Iron Lady because in certain scenes former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is portrayed suffering from dementia. Typical liberal Hollywood bias? Nope, just the usual well-rounded chronicle that one would expect from … Continue reading

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Department Of Redundancy Department

Just in case the CBS News headline writer has you confused, the dead people found dead in the apartment were all dead.

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Lady Update

“Dangerous and Illegal” in the headline, “nervous and shy” in the body of the story.

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The Call Of The Apparently Tame

This story about a “wolf-dog” in New York City caught my interest on several levels. First of all I’m intrigued with the idea of an “illegal” animal. I mean, I understand that an animal might be illegal to possess, in … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg Crime

This would have been more interesting (and more fun!) with a ball flung by a catapult and a candle on an ambling turtle’s back, but I’ll take it.

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