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Illegal Immigration Solution?

Could the solution to the United States’ illegal immigration problem really be so simple as to merely enforce immigration laws?

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Racist Bedroom Slippers

As if any further evidence was needed to bolster my claim below that racism is dead in the United States, consider this recent example of the total non-issue of our black President Obama’s supposed insulting behavior towards his racial fellows. … Continue reading

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Racism Is Dead

(Author’s note: This post apparently did not get copied over when I reconfigured the blog a couple of weeks ago, so I’m posting it again.) Racism Is Dead Racism, as we have come to accept it, is dead. It is no … Continue reading

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Stupid Census

Now I’m really confused. According to this article the 2010 U. S. Census determined that the number of whites in the United States has increased, but that’s mostly because of the increase in the Hispanic population — because the U. … Continue reading

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Naturalism And Supernaturalism

This post is in response to a query from another web site (that was linked to here) in which the questioner took issue with the philosophy or theory of Naturalism as it is generally defined, such as here (From the … Continue reading

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Population And Pollution

Amazingly, there’s a correlation.

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This article started out as a review of James Delingpole’s book Watermelons, which attempts to expose the falsities behind the theory of Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) specifically and also tries to shed light on the supposedly misanthropic mindset behind much … Continue reading

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When All Else Fails….

…. label your opponent with the ultimate “N-word”.

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A Grizzly Update

There’s new information in regarding an earlier post, here. (But at least they killed that damned bear!)

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Forty-Four Percent Of Americans Are….

The underlying story here is that 44% of Americans still do “have a great deal or fair amount of trust” in the mass media’s ability to report news accurately and fairly. As of now the U. S. population is 312,279,429, … Continue reading

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